This is a web gallery of fractals created with the Benojt fractal explorer. You can load these fractals into Benojt by just clicking on the images.
If you created a nice fractal with Benojt which you think is worth to be included into the gallery do not hesitate to send the bjf-file to

Mandelbrot & Julia

These are Mandelbrot and Julia images that were rendered with the Mandelbrot, Julia and ConfigurableFormula iterators.

Spotting da Mandelbrot!

A Mandelbrot colored by magnitude.

You need 50 digits and a lot of time to compute this one.

Spiral architecture in the Julia set.

A Julia star z = z6+c.

Julia to the power of three for different paramters.


The Newton iterator is quite configurable you can configure polynoms and sinus funtions.

Playing with Newton polynoms. Don't miss the negative exponents.

A Newton fractal for sinus colored with the fixed point coloring.

Most amazing is the Newton fractal for the sinus hyperbolicus.

Symmetry In Chaos

The SymmetryInChaos iterator can draw several types of interesting attractor images. You can use the search function to select random parameters.

An icon from the icon mode.

Another icon from the other icon mode.

A square quilt.

Created with the square quilt mode but without repeat.

A hexagonal quilt from the book.

Hey, we can do a Sierpinski triangle!


An animal like shape from the book.

Some random 4D map.

Some random 3D ODE.

Other iterators

There are quite interesting structures to be found in Lyapunov fractals.

You can choose the parameters for the Henon attractor with the parameter selector.

A spider for different parameters.

The taxman iterator.

Some Julia fractal with the Burning Ship iterator.

Some Julia fractal with the Burning Ship iterator colored by magnitude.


The following fractals were created from templates so you need a usable Java compiler to load them. You can of course see what was inserted into the template and edit the iterators.

The phoenix fractal can be created using a complex number template.

You can add a term with negative exponent to Julia sets.

Experimenting with trigonometric functions: z = c * cos(z)

The Ikeda attractor.

An attractor drawing a nice pattern.

Newton again this time for f(z)=z3+c. Watch what happens when you select c using the parameter selector.
These attractors were created by John B. Matthews. They use formulas presented in the Book Chaos in Wonderland by Clifford Pickover.

Splash Screens

version 0.6
some really strange attractor in lots of colors

version 0.5
from the brand new Symmetry in Chaos section

version 0.4
a Newton fractal for x3+x2+4x-1+1

version 0.3
The Benojt logo is created with the configurable mandelbrot iterator.